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Rooftop culture in bhopal


Rooftop is one of the most loved ambiences in the culture of restaurants. No
matter what your age is or to what kind of a crowd you belong to, you will always be ready to say yes to the rooftop setting. This is because of the shines and glitters the rooftop setup brings to ones evening. In Bhopal, we can see the development of rooftops on a huge scale. This is much interesting for the city witnesses a moderate of all the weather. But we can say that rooftop is our favourite. A bright sunny day or a dim starry night everything can be enjoyed from the rooftop. But it’s not just its openness. The distant feeling which comes in a rooftop open sky lounge is a banquet of versatile offerings. While the people of the city are facing the trouble of noise and crowd, they, at the same time do not want to take a tour outside the city for peace as that is not easy, neither that's time friendly. In such a situation rooftop is the definition of solitude and calmness. The stars on the head and the food in the plate are two best solutions for any tired day. And that too in the middle of the city, it is like living in on the earth but escaping to the paradise. If we think about it in a positive manner we can say that rooftops are the best of package coming with a satisfying deal of services, it is the most vibrant yet subtle art of restaurants.