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‘Delivering FOOD Online’ DFOODO, is a three-in-one, real time app which allows you to book a table, take away or order online from any of the restaurant at very low prices with up to 50% off on your food bill.

After downloading the DFOODO app you can reserve a table in any of the restaurants, you can order the food for take- away or you can order online and the food will be delivered to you as you like it at discount up to 50% off on the food bill.

Making reservations has never been this simple. All you have to do is to
1. Search the restaurant in the app.
2. Look for the date/ time slots given and select whichever date and time suits you.
3. Select the number of persons you want to book the table for.
4. Click on reserve and that’s it. A table will be ready for you at the time you choose for.

Being on time is always a good idea. You should reach at least 15 minutes prior to the time you booked table for. The table will be on hold for up to 5 minutes after your booking time. In case of no-show or after 5 minutes, the restaurant can decline your reservation depending on the availability of the tables.

We request you to reach 15 minutes prior to your booked time. In case of being late, the restaurant will hold your table for up to 5 mins after 5 mins the restaurant has rights to decline or terminate your reservation.

You have to book a table in advance always. You can book a table as early as 7 days prior to or half an hour before the time you want to visit the restaurant.

You can make only one reservation a day. The reservation can be of any hour weather breakfast, lunch or dinner or even in between. But only one reservation a day will be valid from one account. There is no limit on take away or online orders.

You can make a reservation for maximum of 10 people at a time. In case of more no. of people you can make two reservations from two different accounts. But the confirmation will depend on the availability of tables in the restaurants.

In case of Dine- in, you will pay at the restaurant after enjoying your meals. But in case of take-away, you have to pay before picking up your food, which is at the time of ordering the food.

Suppose you do a booking prior to 7 days and the discount you got at the time of booking is 30 %, then 30% discount will be applicable on your food bill irrespective of whatever discount is being going on at that particular time. The discount which is shown to you at the time of booking will be applicable on your bill.

As soon as you book a table, you will get an OTP through SMS on your registered mobile no. please show the OTP at the restaurant and that’s it, enjoy your meal!

You can order anything from the restaurant’s menu, but the discount will be on food bill only, no drinks or any other services will be discounted.

Cancelation is as simple as reservation in DFOODO. All you have to do is to go to my booking section, find the reservation you want to cancel, click on the Cancel button and that's it. We will cancel the reservation.

We at DFOODO understands that not every plan turns out well and thus, for your last min emergencies we provide you last min cancelations. You can cancel your reservation anytime before your booking time.

Sold-out means that the restaurant does not have any seats available at that particular time. In case of sold out or unavailable, you can try different time-slots or different restaurants either. To avoid this situation you can book your table prior to a day or two.

First, you have to download the app, then you should make your profile and that’s it. DFOODO is at your service, do reserve a table, take away or order online.

DFOODO shows you available discounts at different time slots. You don’t need any different coupons, at the same time you can’t combine any offers or coupons with the DFOODO discounts. No discount given by the restaurants can be combined with the discounts given by DFOODO.

You can make your profile by providing the details like name, address etc. Please provide a valid phone no. And email ID for notifications and live status of your orders.

The app needs access to your contacts, SMS, storage, camera and location. We never ask for pin, password or any irrelevant details. We assure you that privacy of your details is our priority. For more details, read terms and conditions section.

The latest version of the app is Beta 1.0.2 which can be updated in the future. You will get a notification for the updates if any.