Uprestro is an automated data-driven digital technology platform that is designed to develop white-label apps and websites by using accumulated data to formulate the same for their clients to help them acquire consumer insights. As a one-stop solution for anybody who is into B2C business in processed food sector, the apps and websites developed by Upsrestro allows the businesses to have their own delivery solutions as per their needs without having to rely on any other third-party app by taking the restaurant towards scalability assuring a profit by 50% from wherever the business is in the present.
Uprestro offers features such as Online Ordering Platform Website & Application, Marketplace Integration, Consumer Analytics, Omni-channel Marketing, Helpdesk.
We provide your customers with the ease and freedom of choosing the mode of payment as per their convenience like Gpay, Phone pay, UPI, Paytm, Credit, or Debit cards.
No, there is no such limit on the number of orders.
Usually an aggregator business model depends on a network model that organized the various related unorganized service providers in one huge platform under one brand name. Thus, opposing the values of the same where hundreds of companies compete with one another, we believe that if brands have their own individual platforms under their own name, they may have a scope of guaranteed success, as customers can buy products directly from their favorite brands from an independent marketplace without having to rely or depend on any other third party.
You need to have a thorough customer understanding for running a successful business and at times there are third-party apps that save customer data for the business. However, we provide you full confidentiality and offer you complete control over and ownership of your consumer data, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts while having your own privacy.
We've devised a cost-effective payment solution. When a consumer puts an order, the money is directly deposited into your bank account in T+3 days.
Rather than spending half of your budget on third-party aggregator apps like Swiggy and Zomato through discounts and PPC, you may make a one-time investment and have a personalized online wallet to keep your clients coming back to your platform to place orders. You can also give offer cashback and place deals that are credited to the customers’ wallets on your ordering platform.
No, a customer is not eligible for a refund and the order cannot be cancelled once it has been accepted by the brand.
However, refunds are only possible in rare circumstances, such as issues with order acceptance, delivery failure, or complaints based on brand verification.
Our technical staff will provide you with an admin panel via which you can create offers and discounts for your clients on the ordering page.
Omnichannel marketing is the practice of establishing, integrating and co-operating your brand’s presence across many internet channels, such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, Apps, and websites, with a goal to provide a consistent, favorable, personalized and premium experience to your customers throughout their journey.
Here, at Uprestro we offer you with omnichannel marketing strategy with user statistics for your brand to develop an overall perfect customer experience, enabling better engagement with brands on their own terms.

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